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Not sure where you stand with your ICD-10 accuracy?
Get immediate feedback to target your learning.

Central Learning gives you the practice you want—
with the flexibility and budget you need.

Practice makes better at Central Learning. Subscribe to sharpen your coding skills any hour of the day or night. Continually improve your coding knowledge and work performance. The application automatically checks your work against verified answer keys for immediate feedback by case type, code category, DRG or procedure.

  • Affordable subscription packages for IP, OP and ED cases
  • Real time scoring and feedback in the privacy of your own home
  • Easy way to continually improve in ICD-10
  • Instant rationale for missed code opportunities

Happiness comes from a job well done. Advance your career and boost your coding performance with online practice at Central Learning.

Want to Learn More?

Score your own ICD-10 accuracy and target your training time to continually improve in areas that matter the most.
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Finding specific gaps in coding accuracy is easy.

With Central Learning, analyze your coding accuracy according to:

  • ICD-10-CM/PCS categories and subcategories
  • Patient type
  • ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code
  • CPT code
  • CC/MCC
  • DRG
  • Specific Case

Central Learning answers this personal coder question:

How am I really doing in ICD-10 and what specific areas do I need to improve?