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Do your ICD-10 consultants work at a high peak of efficiency? Consider automation with Central Learning.

Central Learning software helps revenue cycle firms, ICD-10 consultants and coding auditors deliver powerful performance—around the clock and around the world.  Our partners report more that 100% greater efficiency in coding audits through Central Learning, an automated coder assessments and scoring application.

  • Automate coding audits plus assessment
  • Upload your client’s own medical records and ICD-10 answer keys or use hundreds of pre-loaded cases and validated codes
  • Quickly identify incorrect codes, determine gap areas for improvement and pinpoint areas for remedial training
  • Complete turnkey software implementation in 72 hours
  • Display results by patient type, coder and all code levels with management skill gap reports


Your hospital and health system clients demand expertise, proven methodologies and comprehensive service. Central Learning is practical business technology that works for any coding, revenue cycle or auditing business.

Central Learning answers this important partnership question:

How can I deliver greater value to my healthcare clients in coding, auditing or revenue cycle?

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Faster coder assessments for better business management

Manual_vs_Automated_Checklist_ThumbDownload our Manual vs. Automated Checklist


Unique ICD-10 coding and assessment tool automatically scores ICD-10 coder proficiency and accuracy in a simulated production environment


All patient types and code levels including diagnosis, procedure, CPT, DRG and APCs


100% more cost-effective than traditional audit methods

Finding specific areas of low productivity and accuracy is easy with Central Learning. Your business makes smarter operational decisions and delivers faster return on investment for the clients you serve.

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Central Learning helps you build a consistent, best-practice coding, auditing or revenue cycle business. Let us show you how, request a demo today.