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Coder productivity down? Welcome to ICD-10.

Central Learning scores productivity and quality—for easier coding management

Central Learning software provides immediate access to high-level and coder-specific productivity rates. Actual medical records and true coding environments measure staff efficiency across all cases, and codes.

  • Coding managers see real-time productivity scores
  • HIM directors balance output with accuracy to pinpoint corrective action
  • Revenue cycle teams meet DNFB goals

66% of healthcare organizations report decreases in ICD-10 productivity. Central Learning keeps coding production under control and coding managers in charge.

Central Learning answers this vital revenue cycle question:

Do our coders measure up?

This quarter, last quarter and across time.

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Faster coder analytics for better coding management


Automatically time each coder per case


Store, compile, and report each coder’s productivity rate


Generate a performance report card for each coder

Finding specific gaps in coding accuracy is easy.

With Central Learning, analyze high-level team data or drill down to assess coding accuracy according to:

  • Individual coder or group of coders
  • ICD-10-CM/PCS categories and subcategories
  • Patient type
  • ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code
  • CPT code
  • CC/MCC
  • DRG
  • Specific Case

Take a test drive.

Don’t wait for coding backlogs or DNFB delays to know if your coding bench needs a boost. Go from discharge to in charge with Central Learning.