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Know it? Code it. Earn it!

Welcome to our 2nd Annual ICD-10 Coding Contest! This 30-day contest was created for medical coders to test their skills, have some fun and win money.


$2,500 to the INPATIENT CODER

$2,500 to the OUTPATIENT CODER

What are you waiting for? See our contest rules and get started today!

The ICD-10 Coding Contest Has Ended

Scores are being calculated and winners will be announced August 28th

Questions about the contest?

Email us at for assistance with registration and participation.

2016 WINNERS—In Their Words

How I used the winnings

“I was able to pay off medical bills for a child.”

“I was able to pay off some credit card debt, put some aside for shopping and gave a bit back through various charity events at work.”

My reasons for competing

“Chance to practice some the of skills I’ve learned.”

“Curiosity…as to what type of cases would need to be coded and what the system was like. I also know I’m a good inpatient coder and had a chance to win some money utilizing my coding knowledge.”

Biggest contest challenge

“Time…I used my lunch breaks to work on the questions.”

“Some of the cases were ones that I may not like to code so I just took a big longer with those cases. I would try a different case and come back to the challenging ones. I also reviewed guidelines before going back into the case.”

Advice for 2017 contestants

“Have fun! You have the knowledge, just brush up on guidelines.”

“I just tried to have fun with it!”